General agreements

General agreements

Booking, reservation and payment


Art. 1

The visit is final as soon as the Port Centre received your confirmation.

Art. 2

Accompanying teachers are free à ratio of 1 teacher per 10 students.

Art. 3

The visit can be cancelled up to 2 working days before the planned visit.
Thereafter, we will need to invoice the full amount.

Art. 4

You will be charged for the number of participants, the guides and the meals.

Art. 5

The number of participants can be amended up to 2 working days before the visit. Adding additional participants is subject to available capacity and the availability of extra guides (if necessary).

Art. 6

Payment is made on the day of your visit. This is possible by bank card or credit card. An invoice will be sent via email. The invoice  is based on the number of students, mentioned on the list of participants  that was received by the Port Centre 48 hours before the start of the tour. If we notice that there are more participants on the day of the tour,  the invoice will be adjusted to this new number.

Behavior and safety

Art. 7

The Port Centre or its employees are not responsible for accidents that could happen during the port visits or in the Port Centre.

Art. 8

It is not allowed to take along any cargo / products from the port warehouses and this to avoid problems with the federal police and the customs authorities.

Art. 9

Visitors of the Port Centre are accountable for any damage to persons, equipment, plantations & infrastructure of the Port Centre itself or off-site.

Art. 10

The group needs to make sure that  its participants are insured.

Art. 11

The port guide is in charge of the didactic guidance and provides the necessary safety instructions. The teachers/supervisors need to take the necessary steps versus the group in order to ensure the necessary discipline. The teachers/supervisors are responsible for the follow-up of  the safety instructions and will ensure the willingness of the group to listen to the information given by the guide.

Arrangements for bus tours

Art. 13

The group needs to make sure that the bus is equipped with a microphone for touring in the port area. May we ask you to avoid the use of a double-decker bus.

Art. 14

Each visitor needs to have a full seat on board the bus.

Art. 15

The Group makes sure that the port guide(s) have a full seat.

Art. 16

If the arrival and departure point are different, and this on request of the Group,  the extra transport costs for the port guide will be charged to the Group.

Art. 17

All participants to the excursion in the port, should have their identity card or passport with them.

Art. 18

Please make sure, that for your own safety, you will be wearing suitable shoes for visiting terminals and warehouses.  When visiting  companies in the port, you need to wear a safety helmet and a safety vest, which will be provided by the Port Centre. In some locations, it is also required to wear safety shoe tips. These will be provided by the Port Centre.

Art. 19

The list with the names of the participants, needs to be in our possession, 10 days before the visit.  If you are coming with more than one bus, then we need separate lists per bus for company visits.

Art. 20

It is strictly prohibited to take photos, to smoke, to eat and drink during company visits.